- As HANSAN is invented with a vision to lessen the wastage of water, it plays a huge role in saving water in restaurants as one does not have to use water before and after eating food as HANSAN will suppress the need of water to wash hands.

- No need of those traditional finger bowl anymore, thus saving the cost of lemon and boiling the water in turn also saving electricity and LPG.

Hotels can also get their branding done on product which will further add to the brand value of the restaurant and also increase the sense of cleanliness among people and the credit will go to the desired restaurant.

- As many people look out for restaurants where they can expect some good hygiene practice, usage of HANSAN by the restaurant management can in turn fulfill the hygiene requirements of people and thus increasing the turn out ration of the people visiting them which will also add to their increase in business.

- People can also put a stop to many illness and diseases that are caused through dirty hands especially in hotels 

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