We believed in bringing a new revolution for good and healthy living. We are dedicated to producing quality products that really work. We’re not just another company that makes stuff you clean with.
We’re a group of people who set out to find a better way to clean. We are a team of passionate people and creative minds who introduced Hansan - a Premium Hand Sanitizer in a easy to carry small sachet of 1 ml which is enough to clean your hands.
When you’re trying to provide your customers a quality and healthy foods, some of your biggest enemies are the ones you can’t see. Your Customers come in contact with just about everything—including plenty of germs.
Hansan Hand Sanitizer Gel with Tea Tree Oil and Moisturizer is designed to kill 99.99% of germs. The skin-soothing Vitamin E & Moisturizer and Tea Tree Oil with its anti-fungal properties soften and moisturize as it cleans – not to mention its pleasing fragrance of lemon. And the 1 ml handy sachet makes it the ideal size for you to hand it over to your customer anywhere, any time! By providing your customers with a small pouch of Hansan Hand Disinfectant, you can serve your customers with personal hygiene thereby increasing your brand value and your customer's trust towards you.

Hansan Hand Sanitizer Hansan Hand Sanitizer Hansan Hand Sanitizer